Jeremy Zach's Portfolio

I am a motivated self taught front end developer with a master's degree. From the moment I produced "hello world" in the console of my first application, I was hooked to using code as a tool to build responsive, robust websites. I always found coding intuitive and have pushed myself to learn the most effective ways to achieve a result. I am a fast learner, outstanding interpersonal skills and can quickly integrate into a team so I can provide value to the company and clients.

Recent Projects

Magic Eight Ball

An eight ball application utilizing HTML, CSS and Javascript. Ask the eight ball any questions.

LOL Cat Clock

A dynamic web application using HMTL, CSS, and Javascript that enables a clock that generates cat images based off of the time.

Responsive Retreat Center Website

A beautifully designed retreat website showcasing their features.

Responsive Landing Page

A robust mobile friendly business landing page ready to capture emails using HMTL, CSS and Bootstrap.

Creative Agency Website

A responsive wordpress web developer website showcasing services, features and projects.

Recipe Website

A simple and well designed recipe website using HTML and CSS.

Hotel Website

A responsive grand hotel website. Website utilizes flexbox and advanced CSS3.

Landscaping Website

A responsive landscaping website. Website developed on wordpress, php and divi child theme.